Sports are more than just a source of entertainment. For many fans, they are a focal point of life. They might not be the most important thing in their lives, but they are close to the top. It’s been documented in more than one article how many NASCAR fans will work all year so that they can follow their favorite racer around the country for a couple months. For people like this, the extreme fans, sports are more than a hobby; sports are a central part of who they are.

One way that people incorporate sports into their lives is by going to live events. It doesn’t matter if you get season tickets for your favorite team, or you just go watch the closest pro, semi-pro, or college team play once a year, going to see a live game is a unique experience. There’s something about being up in your seat, looking down at the field with thousands of other people, eating a hotdog, drinking a cold beer, and cheering for your team that creates this amazing sensation. The bigger the game, the more exciting it will be. It could just be a big rival during the regular season, or it could be the championship game. Either way, the feel of being at a live game is unforgettable.

It’s also great for family events. Did your father ever take you to the ballpark? If so, you probably have very fond memories of it. Wouldn’t you like to recreate that same experience for your kids? Making new memories for your family is so much fun, and it’s something your kids will remember for the rest of their lives. And maybe someday, they’ll take their own kids to see a game or two.
The Fans Win
Picking out tickets for the big games can be exciting, but it can also be frustrating. A lot of leagues have a lottery system if you want to go to the playoffs, and this can make it almost impossible to get in to see these games. You have three main ways to get a ticket. The first and easiest way is to be a season ticket holder. These people get first dibs on postseason tickets for the team they support. If you have season tickets for the Dallas Cowboys, for example, and they make the postseason, you will have first dibs on whether or not you buy tickets for these games. Super Bowl tickets are a different story, though. These are usually sold well beforehand, and unless you have some sort of inside track, even season ticket holders have a tough time getting there.

Method number two is very hit or miss. You can join the lottery system after those with first choice decide. This limits your seating choices, and it’s up to random chance whether or not you get in. Also, you can’t buy a lot of tickets at once this way. There might be a two or four ticket limit, depending upon where you are and what game you are going to. Still, it’s a cost effective way of getting to the games if you really want to.

The third method is extremely expensive. Many times, people buy tickets for the sole purpose of reselling them. If done through a legal ticket exchange, this is completely legitimate. However, there are lots of extra charges, and demand can jack up prices. These can also be found online, which is quite convenient.

Whatever your sport of choice is, there is so much fun to be had. The level of skill isn’t that important, either. You can have just as much fun at a Double A baseball game as you can at a pro game. Either way, live events are something your family and friends will always look forward to.