The Kansas City Royals have become the first MLB team this year to clinch a division title. It’s the first time since 1985 that they’ve won a title. The American League team surprised a lot of people last year when they went to the World Series, and this year they were just expected to dominate in the AL Central. They have the best record by far in the American League, and only a handful of National League teams have better records. This is surprising at a deeper level though, because the Royals don’t really have any superstars on their team. There are no great powerRead More →

The Major League Baseball trade deadline is less than ten days away, and there’s a lot of waiting going on. Many teams are delaying simply because they want to see what other teams will do. Moving too soon can betray their hand and give other teams an advantage during the trading frenzy that is about to ensue. Some teams, however, have more importance when it comes to being watched than others. The Detroit Tigers, according to some analysts, are the key to the entire trade deadline, and there’s no clear idea of what they are planning on doing, if anything.Read More →