Football Gets GoingWhat’s the most exciting thing about professional sports for you? Some people really like the strategy and suspense of their fantasy drafts, while others simply enjoy the excitement of each game as the season progresses. There’s no wrong way to watch a game and find satisfaction from it, and whatever it is about your favorite sport that you enjoy, there’s always a lot more to get out of it. There’s always a new season, a rookie that can turn the team or the entire game–maybe–around. There’s always something happening or about to happen.

Here, we will look at some of the more fun and exciting parts of daily fantasy sports and see what it is that we enjoy about them. Maybe you will find something new to watch with your favorite sport.

The Fantasy Draft

During the offseason, NFL fans get really worked up about Draft Day. This is where the best amateurs are chosen one by one by pro teams. The dynamics of who will be drafted in the first round are pretty complex, but it’s fun to watch and see if your predictions go along with what the teams do. There are a lot of emotions just before and after the pick is made.

How does a team determine who their number one draft pick will be? It really comes down to what the team needs and who is still available. In 2015, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had the first overall pick and went with Jameis Winston. He is a quarterback, and the Bucs have really been suffering in this category. When a team is weak and needs a systemic change, it’s usually easiest to rebuild with a QB first, and this is exactly what happened.

Draft Day is exciting in other sports, too. The MLB draft doesn’t get a ton of press, but Bryce Harper, one of the best players in all of MLB, received a lot of hype and was the number one draft pick right out of high school. He’s gone on to show that he was number one for a good reason. The Washington Nationals had a great opportunity here, and did well by choosing Harper. You can use sites like DraftKings, which can be learned about on this site. Make your own fantasy draft, which is the most fun of all.

The Postseason in Fantasy

There’s nothing better for some people than the abbreviated excitement of the postseason and then the subsequent championship. Some sports have just one game, like in the NFL, while others have a full series, such as with the NBA, MLB, and the NHL. Others work on a point system, like NASCAR. MMA has a belt system, and the PGA has different championships throughout the year. It’s a very exciting moment when your favorite team (or individual athlete, depending upon the sport) finally takes it all home. If it’s a huge win with a lot of history behind it, such as with the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series after more than 80 years in 2004, it’s even sweeter for the long time fan. Someday, it might be the Chicago Cubs’ turn!

Winning the Super BowlIf you play fantasy sports, remember that there are typically different settings during the postseason. Some leagues have a playoff system built in; others just cease altogether once the postseason begins. It depends upon the structure that was agreed on by you and your fellow league members before you began the season. Only in daily fantasy leagues does the setup stay the same, there’s just fewer players to draft since the pool of those competing is a lot smaller. This can make things real interesting when money is on the line.

Going to Live Games

There’s something about going to a stadium and watching a live event that is unrivaled. Yes, you can almost always get a better view of the game on television, but the live atmosphere can’t be beat. The sounds of the fans, the smell of hot dogs and mustard, and the hot sun all have a special feel of nostalgia for a lot of people. If you have a family, creating new memories is also a lot of fun and something that you will always remember. Even if your city doesn’t have a professional team, there are still semi-pro sports and college sports that are just as much fun to go to. Imagine going to a college basketball game with your son and watching a player that ends up going on to become the next NBA superstar. It’s an unforgettable experience. This is what most people look for when they go to games at a younger age.

You might also find that you enjoy going to live games for a sport that you’re not thoroughly familiar with. If you’ve always been an NFL fan and have never gone to a hockey game, you might find that you really enjoy it. Live games have the potential to open up new experiences for you and allow you to find new sources of interest and entertainment. No matter the game, if you have fantasy players playing, it will make it that much more enjoyable.